Our story

La Villa is an old family house owned by Dr Aimé MOUCHET (1886-1941). His medical studies and career led him to Constantinople where he practiced surgery for more than 25 years in the French medical hospital.He performed surgery on Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, father of Modern Turkey. His life was balanced between Istanbul & Gimont in which he used to stay 6 months in each place. He decided to give La Villa cahuzac a neo colonial archtectural style creating a gallery and a beautiful inner garden thanks to 20th century modern materials such as colourful cement tiles and wood coverage on the walls. He created a gallery with 12 columns in Doric architecture. The garden is enhanced by sculptures : Arthemis the huntress on a side & two Graeco-antic wrestlers on the other side. In this beautiful yard, you can also enjoy the uniqueness of a fountain around an ornamental pond in which you can put your eyes on a “Venus de Lespuge” replica statue, which is a piece from the Paleolithic era made of ivory and extracted from a cave in the Save region en 1922. This piece was at the origin of the cubism style made popular by artists suc as Picasso, Brancusi and many others.

Column alley restaurant La Maison Navarre

Back in 2002, La Villa Cahuzac is sold to its new owner Pierre DUBARRY who fell in love with the uniqueness of the charm of what he liked to call “the Sleeping Beauty”. He initiated some massive works of renovation while preserving the identity and the singularity of this place. A few months later, La Villa Cahuzac opened delivering every bit of secrets, especially in the library where more than 3500 books dated of the 20th century were at the disposal of our guests. Today, La Villa Cahuzac is made up of 12 rooms and 4 appartments in which we can receive 44 persons. Our 12 colomn gallery and our winter garden is the place where the restaurant is located to enjoy the cuisine of our chef. Our restaurant gives us the opportunity to welcome from 50 to 60 persons. And we put at your disposal a meeting room for a capacity up to 50 people.

“La Villa Cahuzac” becomes “La Maison Navarre” in 2021 to give new impetus to this residence. Jérôme Navarre, new owner and chef, has taken on this challenge. Founder of the restaurant “Chez Navarre” in Toulouse, he takes over the establishment in a more relaxed and unfussy state of mind! His vision: a return to roots – which is reflected particularly in his cuisine that is simpler, more natural and does not claim to be “gastro chic”. The wine list is also following the same trend: natural, organic or bio-dynamic wine. Everything is good to make new (good) habits take!